Services & Rates

Free 20-Minute Consultation (Optional)

20 minutes; intended to help you decide if acupuncture is right for you.

We will discuss:

  • Your current health situation and goals
  • The results you can expect from treatment, and how many visits you will need
  • Any questions or concerns you have

The initial consultation is optional. If you already know you want acupuncture, simply schedule a treatment. We will cover all these topics in your first visit.


Initial Session   $140

Includes detailed intake, diagnosis and treatment; usually 1 and 1/2 hours.

Treatment  $85

1 hour session for existing patients; includes reassessment and full treatment.

Treatment sessions include:

  • Acupuncture treatment
  • Other treatments as needed. For example: heat therapy, cupping, or electrostimulation of needles
  • Herbal consultation if desired and appropriate (cost of herbs not included; see below)
  • Diet and lifestyle counseling

Herbal Consultation

An herbal consultation is offered at no extra charge with acupuncture treatment.
For herbal consultation alone, rates are:

Initial Session  $105

About 1 hour; includes intake and individualized prescription.

Follow-up Sessions  $45

About 1/2 hour; includes reassessment and prescription adjustment.

Routine refills and minor adjustments can often be made over the phone, at no charge.

Cost of Herbs

The cost of herbs is about $25-40 per week.
Herbs are available in pill, powder, or tea form.

* The above fees represent a discount for payment on the day of service. Billed services (such as health insurance or personal injury cases), are billed at the full rate.

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